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The largest mountain battle of World War I. Ernest Hemingway and his novel A Farewell to Arms. Napoleon Bonaparte and his conquering marches. The future desert fox, Erwin Rommel. Julius Kugy and the never found rose of Scabios Trenta. Dante Allighieri and the Divine Comedy. And Simon Gregorčič with his unforgettable verses. There are so many tales in the Soča valley - only a step away from our doorstep.

Begin with a visit to the Kobarid historical trail and visit the best European museum of 1993 where you will become acquainted with all the events occurring in connection with the 12th Isonzo Front battle, known as the miraculous breakthrough at Kobarid. One of the largest mountain battles in the history of mankind was waged in this area, remembered by the Peace Trail, which connects the renovated front lines and the extraordinary environment of the local hills. You will be able to feel the weight of Hemingway's words for yourself, which he denoted as the title of the novel A Farewell to Arms. The more than 7,000 Italian soldiers, buried in the ossuary above Kobarid, bade farewell to their arms in the bloom of youth. »I bid my respect to all those who died, not knowing what it was they were fighting for« reads the commemorative book. A piece of history that serves as a reminder to us all.

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Examine Breginjski kot and its ethnological monument, the Breginja museum. Step over Napoleon’s bridge on the Nadiža River and explore the open-hearth kitchen in Robidišče. Stop also to the late antiquity settlement of Tonocov castle and step up to the front line running from Rombon to Mengore, then onwards to the open-air museum.

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Trg svobode 1,
5222 Kobarid, Slovenia
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